revoox Features

Automated testing

revoox provides fully automated testing methods using robotics, interacting with the device like customers in a defined, traceable way.

Turn-key solution

revoox is provided with a continuous New Product Service (NPS), delivering model-specific test recipes.

Parametric measurements

As part of automated testing, revoox performs qualified measurements and eliminates testing subjectivity.

Cloud database

revoox stores all your test data creating a valuable device test and performance history.

Optimized user interfaces

All use cases in the revoox tool come with a user interface optimized for the relevant operator and interaction model.

How we help our customers: Reverse Logistics

revoox brings factory automation to reverse logistics. Delivered as turn-key-solution, revoox provides completely automated function testing for the variety of use cases in reverse logistics: incoming inspection, grading, triage, and quality assurance to name a few.

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– solid test hardware, designed for extended durability, fully integrated in a 19“ industry rack

– all software included: test system control, mobile apps executing functional tests on the devices to be verified, cloud software for storing test result data and analytics

– predefined product-specific test “recipes“, carefully crafted and optimised for efficiency

– full range of customer support for this turn-key solution

– customer-specific requirements analysis: process automation is only successful if it suits the particular needs of an organization. Prior to selling our test solutions, xixLab executes a detailed analysis of requirements together with its customers. Manufacturing

Key in manufacturing: ensuring the highest quality in the shortest time at the lowest cost. In operations, revoox fully automates functional testing, eliminates manual efforts, cuts net test time per unit, ensures 100% compliance with a predefined test process, and complete traceability.

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As an option, the system design allows robotic loading and unloading for an even higher degree of automation. xixLab delivers all required system updates supporting upcoming product technologies while providing a comfortable test recipe editor for maximum flexibility in defining test sequences for manufacturers. Test result data output supports manufacturer owned IT systems for monitoring and analytics. R&D

Research and development requires precise function testing methodologies for the complete set of hardware features provided by the product. Test sequences with individual test parameters and limits need to be created and altered quickly by the users. xixLab revoox systems support these requirements.

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Further, the revoox system comes with sufficient dimensions for testing all kind of mobile devices – from smallest smartphones to 12″ tablets. Due to the extraordinary high payload supported by revoox system robotics, product weight is no issue. software integration testing

There are plenty of software quality testing solutions for mobile apps available on the market. Many of them with great features and capabilities. But very few allow testing the apps on their target devices while monitoring the product hardware features as they are controlled by the app.

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For example, revoox allows you to physically stimulate device sensors in a defined way and check if the app reacts as expected. It allows measuring audio signals controlled by an app and interaction with an app through the device touchpad. This approach exceeds the capabilities of software-only testing solutions. prototype testing

revoox allows verifying complete product functional performance and durability. xixLab provides easy-to-use tools for creating and modifying test sequences for new products.

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While for production purposes, testing is typically optimized for speed, Engineering customers can create their specific test sequences with repeating test loops and monitor slowly changing measurements such as the effect of product usage on battery level.